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…and the “CARS 2” craze continues…

For his 5th birthday, Sid wanted his favourite characters from the CARS 2 movie – “Lightning McQueen and Mater” on the cake.

CARS 2 characters

I baked a rich chocolate cake and layered it with chocolate frosting with edible printout of the CARS 2 characters as cake topper. To add to the excitement, I had put chocolate muffins decorated with colorful jelly candies and sprinkled it with colorful sugar balls.

Princess Castle Cake

My little princess turned six this 15th Sept. and she demanded a princess castle cake. Well! Very apt; she graduated from her last years princess doll cake to a castle this year; already I am bracing myself for her next birthday cake challenge.

The challenge was worth giving a try as the reward was excited twinkling eyes.

I baked the cakes a day in advance; it required three 11”x9” chocolate cakes for the first layer. Each cake an inch thick, layered with apricot preserve and fresh cream. The top two layers were cut out from 10”x14” one inch thick cake.


For doors and windows, I used wafer sticks; ice-cream cones were used to make the conical spires.

I baked the crown shaped biscuit to write “Happy Birthday…” on it, and balloon & star shaped biscuits with sugar frosting for the fun element.

And you know what? …the cake was a big hit with everybody… all smiles 🙂

Lightning McQueen Chocolate Cake

May have been away from blogging, but was definitely not away from baking. It feels good to be back, as there’s lot to share. First about the last cake I baked two days back – “Lightning McQueen” cake for little Prajal.

Lightning McQueen Chocolate Cake

Lightning McQueen Chocolate Cake

Its a chocolate cake with twin layer of vanilla and chocolate frosting.

Diwali Celebrations!


Besides sprucing up for Diwali and shopping for the festival, I managed to bake my orders. The one I got really excited about this time was the car cake. When this gentleman told me that his 2 yrs old is very fond of cars, I thought of surprising them with a car cake along with their b’day cake. Initially, I was not sure, since I had no car shaped cake mould. So I baked 6”x4” rectangular chocolate cake and gave it the shape of the car. For icing I used chocolate ganache and fresh cream with gems for wheels and head lights.

Car Cake

Car Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake

One thing without which Diwali is incomplete is definitely “the sweets”. Even after having loads of them, there is still scope for more ;-). This year I made Phirni for the prasad.



Make way for Noddy

Noddy's Toyland

When Siddhanth (Sid) turned four, Sumi decided she wanted a theme party for her son’s Birthday.

Since Sid is a BIG Noddy Fan so she decided upon a Noddy theme for the party. Once the theme was decided next came the cake, one option was to bake a Noddy cake, but then we thought, why only Noddy?  Why not, the whole of the Toyland with Big Ears, Tessie Bear, Mr Plod and rest of gang :-).So, let’s” make way for Noddy” , for the cake was gonna be “THE TOYLAND”.

Noddy's Toyland

With just a day to go for the party, we had to hurry up. Sumi took up the decorations….Room was done in red and blue balloons and steamers, Noddy face masks were printed for the kids, invites were sent with request to follow red and blue theme.

Noddy's Toyland

Fresh Pineapple cream cake was the base for the Toyland cake. The cake was complete with the mountains in the backdrop, a stream flowing through it, bright yellow road for Noddy’s little car. Miss Pink Cat’s ice cream cones stood proudly in the centre.

Noddy's Toyland

Houses were made of wafers and mushrooms of gems. To complete the picture toy Noddy, Tessie bear Mr Plod and Big Ears were added. Wow!  The best was ten pairs of twinkling eyes, when the kids saw the cake. Hurray!!  They just loved it.

Princess Barbie Cake

Princess Barbie Cake

This 15th my little princess turned five and what better than a Princess Barbie Cake for my doll.
It was lot of fun baking this one, wish I had caught on camera, her surprised look of pleasure on seeing Barbie cake sitting in the refrigerator. All the hard work put in was worthwhile.

Princess with Barbie Cake

Moist chocolate cake layered with apricot preserve and fresh whipped cream. Barbie’s gown was matched to the birthday girl’s dress.
Like most kids, my little one too is crazy about these prehistoric reptiles called DINOSAURS. So it had to be a dinosaur cake for the school.

Dinosaur Cake

Rich chocolate truffle cake.

It has been 4 years since I first baked a Barbie cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday (above), and since then it’s been one of the most ordered cake. Matching Barbie’s dress with that of the birthday girl has made this cake so special and popular with the little girls.







Orange chocolate cake

Orange Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake



February ended on a sweet note with celebrations, as it was hubby dear’s birthday on 26th, for which I had baked chocolate cake with almond, pistachios, and kiwi fruit.

 Orange chocolate cake

March brought along Paluk’s (my cousin) birthday so I baked orange-chocolate cake. It’s a rich chocolate cake soaked in orange juice with a dash of vodka, layered with orange marmalade and fresh cream with sprinkling of choco-chips and topped with chocolate ganache (A combination of chocolate and cream, melted together slowly).

Pineapple n strawberry cake

When Monika, a very dear school friend, asked me to bake a birthday cake for her daughter Anabhra, who turned 7 on 7th of March, we decided to bake number 7 chocolate cake, layered with fresh cream and topped with chocolate ganache, and decorated with jelly beans and balloons made of fresh cream, and sprinkled multicolored sugar balls for confetti effect.

Chocolate cake

…and then we celebrated the women’s day with orange-chocolate cake…it’s the current hot favourite with the family 😉

Orange chocolate cake

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