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Christmas Cake (Rich Plum Cake)

Plum Cake  Santa  Christmas Tree

Christmas is here! One waits through the whole year for this day, when warm sweet aromas of cinnamon & all spices wafts through the kitchen. Every bite is a medley of cashews, almonds, raisins, sultanas, black currants, orange peels, candid ginger, cherries, dried figs, apricots, all of which swell in dark rum for almost 40 days. Then finally when they are baked with flour, butter, egg, sugar, spices, caramel, and dash of rum, Ummmmmm…what a Rich Plum Cake.

Christmas always brings back so many warm memories of Lucknow – like the last day before school closes for the winter break, exchanging gifts and every year watching a small play on Christ’s birth, then the morning Choir practice, lighted X’Mas tree, Santa distributing candies, Abraham auntie’s X’Mas goodies… 🙂


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