Princess Castle Cake

My little princess turned six this 15th Sept. and she demanded a princess castle cake. Well! Very apt; she graduated from her last years princess doll cake to a castle this year; already I am bracing myself for her next birthday cake challenge.

The challenge was worth giving a try as the reward was excited twinkling eyes.

I baked the cakes a day in advance; it required three 11”x9” chocolate cakes for the first layer. Each cake an inch thick, layered with apricot preserve and fresh cream. The top two layers were cut out from 10”x14” one inch thick cake.


For doors and windows, I used wafer sticks; ice-cream cones were used to make the conical spires.

I baked the crown shaped biscuit to write “Happy Birthday…” on it, and balloon & star shaped biscuits with sugar frosting for the fun element.

And you know what? …the cake was a big hit with everybody… all smiles 🙂

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